Buying your Home/Releasing money from your Home

Property in the UK is widely seen as one of the best long-term investments. This has both pros and cons for you as a property buyer. On the plus side, you can be reasonably confident that your property's value will increase over time, barring market crashes. On the downside, such investor demand is what drives property prices so high - which can be frustrating if all you want is a nice home to live in. Whether you're a homeowner, landlord or property developer, you are sure to need professional advice at various points along the way. This section of our website will provide you with useful practical information on buying your home. Contact us to discuss your home buying needs.

Buying your home and releasing money from your property - People take out mortgage & equity release products for different reasons some people may be looking at buying their first property whilst others may be re-mortgaging. People use Equity Release products to provide them with an income perhaps to supplement their pensions/savings or perhaps to provide them with an income if they don't have a pension or savings.

The range of mortgage and equity release products in the market can be very confusing. At Cowley & Miller Independent Financial Services Limited our financial advisers will carry out a full face to face interview with you to discuss your personal and mortgage or equity release objectives. We will then carry out comprehensive tailored research on your behalf before presenting you with your personal mortgage or equity release report and recommendation taking into account your personal circumstances. We will then agree your required level of ongoing service you will need from us and complete the necessary paperwork to put your mortgage or equity release planning into effect. Please download our free guide on Mortgages and Equity Release or complete our on-line enquiry form.

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