Savings in Glasgow, Scotland

This section of our website deals with working out how much you can afford to save and what saving options are available to you. If you want financial security, you'll need to save. Don't think of saving as an optional extra after other expenses have been covered. Building up savings should be high on your to-do list and included in your monthly budget. Here you will find a range of useful information on the options available to you. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your savings needs.

Saving for your short/medium/long-term goals - Everyone needs a rainy day fund to cover those small emergencies. You might also start saving for your holidays, children's education, first house deposit, buying a new car or simply to help pay off your mortgage.

The range of savings products in the market can be very confusing. At Cowley & Miller Independent Financial Services Ltd our financial advisers will carry out a full face to face interview with you to discuss your personal and financial saving objectives.

We will then carry out comprehensive tailored research on your behalf before presenting you with your personal savings planning report and recommendation.

We will then agree your required level of ongoing service you will need from us and complete the necessary paperwork to put your savings planning into effect. Please download our free guide on Saving for your short/medium/long-term needs for further information or complete our on-line enquiry form.

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